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Here at Liberty Drive we are "Committed to Excellence". Our mission is to provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe supportive environment for all students to meet the challenges of a global society.

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 Keep up your SKILLS over the summer

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Summer Reading Tips!
1. Read aloud together everyday with your child!
2. Set a good example. If you are excited about reading they will be too.
3. Let your child choose what they like to read.
4. Listen to books on tape/cd.
5. Visit your local library (they have a great summer reading program)!
6. Read the book your child is reading and discuss it with them.
7. Read everything (street signs, recipe, food labels, magazines, newspapers, etc).

Summer Math Tips!
1. Set a budget for a picnic  and ask your child to "find the bargains" using the price per ounce figures on the supermarket shelves: "which one is really cheaper?"
2. Play "War" with a deck of cards, but with math twists. Each player throws down two (or three) cards and adds or multiplies them. The highest (or lowest) sum or product wins the hand. Ask your child to invent a new version with the math he or she knows. 
3.Dominos. It's an old fashioned game that teaches number sense, strategy, and problem solving and strengthens those skills at any grade level.
4.Cook. Following recipes, cutting it in half for fewer servings, or tripling it for a large gathering teaches very practical skills. Even a batch of lemonade can reinforce these skills.
5.Construction. When doing home improvement projects large or small, even young children can assist with taking measurements and computing amounts of materials needed (and feel great pitching in as well).
6.Garden. Involve children in gardening. Have the children determine the area of the garden. Have them calculate the amount of space taken up by tomatoes versus cucumbers, etc. Have students weigh the vegetables after they are picked.
7.Weather Watch. Have children set up a simple rain gauge to measure the amount of rain over the course of a month or the whole summer. You could track the temperature and humidity and plot it on a chart
Ride your bike. Get an odometer for their bicycles and use the distance traveled to calculate their average rate of speed. Children love to know how fast and how far they go.
9.Transportation. Compute miles to feet. How many gallons of gas per mile and the cost? All kind of math computations can be made.
10.Chart your time. Have your children keep a chart indicating how much time they spend reading, watching television, doing chores, and playing. Children can determine what fraction of the day or week they spend on each activity. Students can also keep a chart indicating how they spend money each week.

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